b. 1973, Landstuhl, Germany




·       The University of Washington, Seattle, Wa.

        M.F.A./Ceramics 1999


·       The University of Georgia, Athens, Ga.

        B.A./English, Cum Laude 1996

        B.F.A./Ceramics, Cum Laude



·       Neddy Artist Award finalist, Behnke Foundation, 2016

·       New Foundation, Residency Grant, 2015

·       Artist Trust/The Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation Arts Innovator Award; 2012

·       4 Culture Special Projects Grant, Seattle; 2015, 2011, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2003

·       Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award; 2011

·       Spotlight Artist Award, Seattle Magazine; 2011

·       City Artists Grant, Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs; 2012, 2010, 2006

·       nominated, Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award; 2009

·       Artist Trust GAP Grant (Wa.); 2011, 2008

·       nominated, Portland Museum Northwest Art Awards; 2015, 2013, 2011, 2007

·       Artist Trust/ Washington Arts Commission Fellowship; 2004

·       4 Culture Gallery Award, Seattle; 2003

·       Jacob K. Javits National Graduate Fellowship; 1997-1999

·       Graduate School of Art Scholarship; 1997, University of Washington

·       Phi Beta Kappa Society; 1996

·       Vince Dooley School of Art Scholarship; 1994, University of Georgia




“Metamorphic”  - Gallery One, Ellensburg, Wa.


“The Ecstatic Moment” installation, film, photography, performance – The Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY.


“Every Moment Lost is Lost Forever” installation and performance–Villa Olmo, Como, Italy EROS MINIARTEXTIL International Fiber Installation Exhibition


“Solstenen Project:  Our Patient Day’s Allotted Span”  - NEPO House Seattle Wa.  


“Honey and Lightening” – Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, Wa.  


“Zuster Sweostor Systir” – Ohge Ltd. Gallery, Seattle, Wa. 


“Dare alla Luce” –  Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, Or.


“Dare alla Luce” – The Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue Wa    


“Parlor” –McLeod Residence Gallery, Seattle, Wa.


“Small But Mighty Wandering Pearl” – Center On Contemporary Art, Seattle, Wa. 


“The Wolf Prince and Parrot Princess” – Priceless Works Gallery, Seattle, Wa


“Sunshine and Shadow” – 4Culture Gallery, Seattle, Wa. 


“Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time” – SOILGallery, Seattle, Wa.


“Repossession “ – CMA Gallery, Seattle, Wa.


“Through the gross tedium of being rare” – The Lamar Dodd School of Art Gallery, UGA, Athens, Georgia



·       ”The Universe Awakens to the Child”, permanent sculptural installation for Washington State Arts Commission, Bow Lake Elementary, Seatac, Wa. 2011


·       ”Mater Matrix Mother and Medium”, temporary public art project: process-based site-embedded installation and community action tour

  •   Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Ga.    Fall 2009

  •   Herbert Bayer Earthworks, Kent Arts Commission, Kent, Wa.   Spring 2010

  •    4Culture Site Specific, Issaquah, Wa.   Summer 2010

  •    ‘The Value of Water’ exhibition, Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, NY, NYFall 2011

  •    ARTSfair, Bellevue Arts Museum, Summer 2013


·       Washington State Arts Commission Public Artist Roster; 2008-2018


·       ”Library Unbound”, permanent sculptural installation for Children’s Center of the Rem Koolhaas-designed Seattle Central Public Library, commissioned by Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs; 2005 - 2006




·       Bird in the Hand” - Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, Ca.

·       “Neddy Artist Awards: 20 Years” – Pivot Art+Culture, Seattle, Wa.


·       “Incantation” — Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle

·       “Out of Site” — Vital 5 Exhibition, King Street Station


·       “Every Moment Lost is Lost Forever” – Beffroi Montrouge Cultural Center, EROS MINIARTEXTIL International Fiber Installation Exhibition, Paris, France.


·       “Stitchery” – Seattle Art Museum Gallery

·       “The Obsessive Unknown Origins of Grotesque Irregularity” – Bridge Productions, Seattle

·       ”Exposure: Experiments in Photography”  - Catalyst Projects, Washington, D.C.


·       "American Dreamers" -Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina, Florence, Italy, 

·       “Lavish and Lush” – Illinois Wesleyan University Gallery, Bloomington


·       “Must Show Here” – How Hou Gallery, Seattle, Wa.    

·       “Degenerate Art Ensemble” – Frye Art Museum, Seattle, Wa.

·       “Seattle As Collector” –Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Wa. 


·       “Unraveling Tradition” – 516 Arts, Albuquerque, NM


·       “5280” –Columbia City Gallery, Seattle, Wa.  

·       “Aqua Art Miami- Wynwood” – with MyArtSpace Gallery, Palo Alto, Ca. in Miami

                          Curated by Alma Ruiz, Michele Urton, Andrea Cashman, Kathy Grayson


·       “Aqua Art Miami” – with Bucheon Gallery, San Francisco, Ca. in Miami Beach, Fl.

·       “Is it a Fiber Show? Honoring CCA’s 100th Anniversary” – Bucheon Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.


·       “Fabulandia” – The Lab, San Francisco, Ca.

·       “Softly Threatening” – Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle, Wa. 


·       “Soil Gallery, 10 Year Retrospective” – Soil Gallery, Seattle, Wa.


·       “Quiet Revolution” – Consolidated Works, Seattle, Wa.    

·       “Girlie Fun Show” – Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle, Wa.

·       “The Ruffle – Decadent Vexation” - Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland, Wa.       

·       “Contra Naturum” – Secluded Alley Works, Seattle, Wa.         


·       “Fashion is Art” – Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle, Wa.       

·       “Ardent Labor” – SOIL Gallery, Seattle, Wa.       

·       “Strange Coupling – Collaborative Works” – The CMA Gallery, UW, Seattle, Wa. 


·       “Boys Against Girls, Girls Against Boys” – The Nation Gallery, Seattle, Wa.

·       “Ryan and Mandy ” – Ransom Art Center Gallery: Eckerd College, St.Petersburg, Fl.


·       “Under Current/ Over View Annual” – The Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Fl           

·       “Menagerie: Animal Imagery in Ceramics” – Covivant Gallery, Tampa, Fl.

·       “Menagerie: NCECA Conference – Jeanne Rauch Gallery, Dallas , NC.

·       “Husbands and Wives” – Kittredge Gallery:University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Wa.


·       “2000 Pacific Northwest Annual” – Bellevue Art Museum , Bellevue, Wa.          

·       “Good and Guilty” – Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland, Wa.

·       “Means/Ends: Plaster” – SOIL Gallery, Seattle, Wa.         

·       “Menagerie: Animal Imagery in Ceramics” – Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland, Wa.

·       “Rosy” – SOIL Gallery, Seattle, Wa.


·       “The End: Northwest Biennial Competition” – The Tacoma Art Museum , Tacoma, Wa.  Curated by Fred Wilson

·       “The Commonplace: Four Artists Investigate the Ordinary” – SOIL Gallery, Seattle, Wa.         

·       “MFA 1999” – The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, Wa.

·       “3-D: Sculpture Show” – Lead Gallery, Seattle, Wa.

·       “Play/Things” – SOIL Gallery, Seattle, Wa.

·       “Group Show” – The Kiang Gallery, Atlanta, Ga.

·       “Lyndon House Arts Center Clay Competition,” Athens, Ga.     

·       “XX AnnualLyndon House Arts Center Juried Exhibition”, Athens, Ga.





·       “We have rowed this boat together…”, interactive installation and durational performance, Smash.Hit.Repeat exhibition, Onoma Kuparipaja Gallery, Fiskars, Finland


·       “Before You Were Born and After You Are Gone”, immersive interactive installation and durational performance, collaboration with choreographer/Alice Gosti,

     Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park


·       “The Metamorph”, participatory installation and durational performance

  •    EMP Museum, Seattle

  •    Pivot Art and Culture, Vulcan Foundation, Seattle



·       “Hero Stories – Artist Trust Arts Innovators”, performance and costume creation with choreographer/filmmaker Dayna Hanson at The Seattle Art Museum


·       ”Saltus Chori Aevum”, process-based temporary public art project; community action, site-embedded installation and multi-disciplinary performance, The Next 50 Project, Seattle Center, commissioned by Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs and SPU


·       “Solstenen Project”, multi-platform community project: project-based residencies at The Project Room, Seattle, Centrum Fine Arts Center, and multiple sites in Iceland; performative media, environmental installation, photography/video, writing


·       ”Mater Matrix Mother and Medium”, process-based temporary public art project; community action, site-embedded installation and performance produced with dancer Zoe Scofield and composer Morgan Henderson, Camp Long, commissioned by Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs


·       “The Silvering Path”, film/animation/live performance, collaboration with Butoh artist Haruko Nishimura and filmmaker Ian Lee Lucero, premier at Free Sheep Foundation, Seattle

  •    Screened at Northwest Film Forum’s “Next Dance Cinema”, Dec. 6th, 2010


·       “Fashion is Human Nature” performance piece, part of THREAD’s Fashion is Art Bumbershoot exhibition, performance and publication





·       Seattle Public Works “The Odyssey”, Seattle Repertory Theatre, contributing artist to set design


·       “Little Brown Mushrooms”, On The Boards, contributing artist to costume design


·       “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Seattle Shakespeare Company, contributing artist to set and costume design


·       “Sonic Tales”, costume design collaboration with Butoh artist Haruko Nishimura/Degenerate Art Ensemble, premier at The Moore Theatre, Seattle


·       “A Tale of Two Cities”: Commissioned to create knitted/crochet scenic and prop design and special costume design, Book-It Repertory Theatre, Seattle



·       Fiskars Village AIR, Fiskars, Finland, Aug 2017

·       Caldera Community Residency, Sister, Or. 2017, 2016

·       Dai Bosatu Zendo, Zen Monastery AIR program, environmental installation and workshop, Livingston, NY, Aug 2015

·       Caldera AIR, Sustainable Arts Foundation Grant, Sisters, Or., March 2015

·       Centrum Fine Art Center AIR, Port Townsend, Wa., Jan 2-16, 2012



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·       Juror, “Needles and Pins, Gallery One, Ellensburg, 2017

·       Workshop, ‘Weaving as Performance’, Evergreen State College, 2016

·       Lecture and Workshop, School of Art, University of Washington, 2015

·       Lecture and Workshop, Art Department, Western Washington University, 2013

·       Lecture, Contemporary Quilt Art Association, Seattle, Wa. 2013

·       Weaving/knitting workshop, ONN/OF Festival, Seattle, Wa., 2012

·       Lecture and Workshop, Evergreen State University, Olympia, Wa. 2011

·       Visiting Teacher, “Wearable Sculpture after Nick Cave” workshop, Seattle Art Museum, 2011

·       Visiting Artist Presenter, SAM Remix, Seattle Art Museum, 2010

·       Teacher in Residence, Young Artists Project: middle/high, Centrum Fine Arts Center, 2010

·       Panel Member, “Creatively Speaking-Public Art” , Seattle Art Museum 2009

·       Public Art Jury Panel, Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, 2009

·       Lecture, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Ga., 2009

·       Lecture, Emory University, Atlanta, 2009

·       Panel member, premier of “Handmade Nation” at Museum of Arts and Design, NYC 2009

·       Panel member, “Craft Perspectives” at Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, Or. 2009

·       Lecture, Cornish College of the Arts, 2009

·       City Artists Grant Jury Panel, Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, 2008

·       Lecture, University of Washington School of Art, 2008

·       Lecture, Bellevue Arts Museum, 2008

·       Juror, visiting artist and lecturer, Eastern Washington University, 2005

·       Juror, University of Washington ceramics dept. undergraduate show, CMA Gallery, 2003

·       Teaching Artist-in-Residence, Frye Art Museum, 2002-2003

·       Ceramics instructor, Bellevue Art Museum School, 2002-2003

·       Adjunct Faculty, University of South Florida, ceramics dept. 2002

·       Adjunct Faculty, Hillsborough Community College, sculpture dept., 2002

·       Adjunct Faculty, University of Washington, Ceramics dept. 2001

·       Lecture, The University of Georgia, 2000

·       Soil, Artists Cooperative member, Seattle, Wa. 1999 – 2000

·       Lecture, Western Washington University, 1999



4Culture Public Collection

Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs Collection