Neddy Artist Awards 2016 Finalist Mandy Greer

Artist Mandy Greer discusses how Glenview, the 1876 historic home at the Hudson River Museum, and the 19th century collections housed within it, inspired and help shape her exhibition "The Ecstatic Moment" on view at the Hudson River Museum through September 14, 2014

Artist Mandy Greer talks about her new installation -The Ecstatic Moment - on view at the Hudson River Museum through September 14, 2014.

Installation artist Mandy Greer shares the process of creating a new work for the Seattle Center Next Fifty celebration. Segment produced by Ralph Bevins

January 22 -- May 31, 2009 /description from museum website/ Translated from Italian, "dare alla luce" is an idiomatic expression for giving birth: "to give to the light." Drawing upon late Renaissance artist Jacopo Tintoretto's painting The Origin of the Milky Way for inspiration, Greer recounts her own version of the Roman myth in which the milk of Juno's breast rose to the sky to create the galaxy.

Artist Mandy Greer discusses how her installation, Dare alla Luce, is a response to the environment of a theatrical stage, as well as the aristocratic and domenstic environments she saw as a child visiting Versailles. Greer also dicusses how her commonplace materials - "trash, glass and gaudy jewelry" - are transformed within this environment.

Artist Mandy Greer talks about the processes used to create her large-scale installation, Dare alla Luce, as well as her intuative way of working to create elements that comprise the installation. Recorded January 19-21, 2009. Dare alla Luce was organized and commissioned by Bellevue Arts Museum and curated by Stefano Catalani.

A short film on Mandy Greer, a young woman artist whose sculptures take the form of extraordinary creatures, by Cynthia Rose