Filmed on location at the 18th century Villa Olmo on the banks of Lago di Como, Italy this film is a companion to Mandy Greer's installation and performance 'Every Moment Lost is Lost Forever', first created for the international fiber installation exhibition MINIARTEXTIL : Eros on Oct 12, 2013. Mandy Greer and company activate her installation with a 2 hour durational performance that interlaces competing notions of time, loss, nurturing, trauma, healing and regeneration. Three characters, in elaborate and intricate costumes, enact both cyclical, mythological time and linear, finite human time. Re-interpreting the time god Kronos through repeated knitting and unknitting, the hearth goddess Hestia through cleansing and conjuring, and the figure of Khaos - literally the shadowy space between heaven and earth and pure uncontrollable creativity - these three characters create an entrancing environment with the installation that bridges gaps between everyday domestic tasks and sanctified ritual. Intimately performed by Greer, her husband artist Paul Margolis and their young son, the movements take on the trust and tension inherent in family dynamics. The installation is a delicate confection of flesh pinks and silvery greys, an abstracted up-side-down volcano of lace and stitched leather carrion birds where polarities are intertwined, like Inertia and Change. Greer writes "‘That which we love consumes us; a calling, a child, a lover. But not to oblivion but rather to regeneration. The wheel of time is propelled by the interrelation of Eros and Thanatos, flesh and smoke. The destructive gobbling volcano buds new land, while the appetite of the carrion bird breeds new life. As a maker, I weep because I’ve lost my babe among the leaves, among the feathers. My child’s babyhood passed out of my hands as I worked fabric and yarn, crystals and beads. Did I miss it? I thought I recorded it in the sewn pearls, crocheted flesh. This piece is mourning and laughing for the moments lost, no matter how love wants them to be timeless, forever; the flesh changes, softens, sags, crackles then burns and drifts on a dancing wind. Eros and Thanatos pulls us around again.’ The installation and performance has traveled to Le Beffroi, Montrouge, Paris in February 2014 and to The Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY as part of Mandy Greer's solo show 'The Ecstatic Moment" June 7- September 14, 2014.

”Mater Matrix Mother and Medium” is a process-based temporary public art project created by installation artist Mandy Greer. It combined a unique blend of community action and personal inquiry, site-embedded installation and a performance produced in collaboration between Mandy, choreographer Zoe Scofield and composer Morgan Henderson, Summer 2009 at Camp Long in Seattle, Wa. Commissioned by the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs using the Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art Funds, as a way to celebrate and interpret the splendor of Seattle’s urban creeks and encourage community involvement in the stewardship of our essential watersheds. This project began with the creation of a 200+ foot fiber river, created in part through a series of over 30 community events all over Seattle during the spring of 2009. The River is made up of thousands upon thousands of tiny moments and movements of individual citizens, integrated and interwoven into the natural environment during a 6 week residency at Camp Long Special thanks to Seattle Parks and Recreation. Filmed on location at Camp Long, Seattle .................................... Mandy Greer: concept / direction / installation Zoe Scofield: original choreography / performance Morgan Henderson: original composition / performance Ian Lucero: director of photography / sound design / editor Ryan K. Adams & Paul Hawxhurst: additional live photography .................................... More information about the project can be found here: ................. photo credits: First two photos by Paul Margolis and Next two by Mandy Greer

A Film by IAN LUCERO in Collaboration with MANDY GREER and HARUKO NISHIMURA with Music by JOSHUA KOHL, JEFFREY HUSTON, HARUKO NISHIMURA and IAN LUCERO official website: blog: facebook: